4 Reasons Why Women Gain Weight after Marriage

Why do yesterday’s brides, instead of mini-dresses, fit only in mini-vans when they gain extra weight after the wedding? For example, because they…


1. Prepare for the Wedding Day

1-2 months prior to the occasion the brides go on a strict diet and wear themselves out in the gym – they want to shine on their big day. The body takes a defensive position, the metabolism slows down, and once you start eating normally, you gain weight quickly.

2. Eat Together with Husband

Oh, how romantic, “I will not sit at the table without my husband.” But do not forget that it is much more useful for the body to have 5-6 small snacks a day than 2 big ones. If you allow yourself a jar of yogurt or a couple of bananas without your husband, the family will not fall apart. But you will not overeat for dinner. Another intrigue of family meals: you eat the same as your beloved does. And we have different metabolisms, so do not you should not gulp down steaks in the same amounts as he does.

3. Spend a Lot of Time in the Kitchen

A good wife is a good cook. At least, in the first year of cohabitation. And the one who cooks a lot, tries a lot. You will not notice a few hundred calories unaccounted for. In fact, if you follow the recipe, it is not necessary to taste everything.

4. Become Less Physically Active

It is known that the just-married couples like to be wrapped in a cocoon: they do not go camping with friends or go to a disco… it is so nice to spend a weekend together (in front of the TV). And calories do not burn. Drive yourselves out of the house. Just two of you can wander through the woods, swim in the pool, and attend Pilates.