Why Is Kebab So Unhealthy?

Doner Kebab New research of fast food has shockingly revealed that a doner kebab contains the equivalent of a vine glassful of cooking oil, and other junk foods are not far behind. Dietitians claim that eating two of these high fat meals per week can result in a heart attack within 10 years.

Doner Kebab – Too Fat to Be True

Food experts at Hampshire County Council examined menus of popular fast food restaurants, including Chinese and Indian cuisine, pizzas, kebabs, fish and chips, and made worrying discoveries. Denise Thomas, head of nutrition and dietetics at Portsmouth Hospitals Trust, said she was shocked at the results. Lots of the dishes provided daily fat allowance in just one meal. One of the doner kebabs contained 111gr of fat, which is twice the entire fat allowance for one day.

Fast Food – Fat food

If this kebab weighs 400g, the fat content is a quarter of the whole meal. That, on its own, gives you 1000 calories which is equal to a wine glass of cooking oil. Most of kebab fat is saturated, meaning it increases cholesterol levels and thickens arteries.

Eating such food twice a week in addition to your regular diet is like a ticking bomb of congestive heart failure.

Is Junk Food Really That Dangerous?

Denise Thomas comments this the following way. “It depends on the diet you are maintaining. Seniors and people with sedentary lifestyle are less likely to get that fat out their bodies. It’s not a big deal if the rest of your diet is high in fruit and veggies. But if you eat pies, chips and fried foods for breakfast, you are moving directly to a heart attack within 10 years.”

So you’d better cook at home using healthy ingredients, instead of eating fast food killers.

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