What Predisposes to Excess Weight in Women?

The researchers claim that traits of character can help identify if a woman is predisposed to certain diseases, such as gaining extra weight.

Weight gain

The scientists have been able to prove that impulsive ladies suffer from undesirable pounds more often. Being conscientious and reliable is typical of buxom women. They often yield to the temptation and cannot walk past a cafe or a store without buying something tasty. The experts say that in order to maintain the desirable weight one should have the right diet and a sustained program of physical activity. These two activities require restraint and dedication.

The researchers from the National Institute of Nutrition claim that some personal traits of character do influence women’s weight. It is important to take into account such factors as the weight itself and the light weight indicating body mass. For example, such positive traits as integrity, decency, and openness do not help their owner, but, on the contrary, contribute to the process of gaining extra weight, which is later so difficult to get rid of.

According to the experts, aging also contributes to gaining weight, since extra weight comes with age more and more often. The researchers led by Angelina Sutin, M.D., have found that overweight occurs mostly in the cases of impulsive and emotional people, as well as in those who are very brave and like to run the risk. Ladies with cynical and aggressive character have a slender figure, and they are also more competitive.

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