What to Do Before Noon to Drop Weight?

Early to bed and early to rise makes a girl merry, shapely and blithe, and that still holds true – especially if we focus on the morning side of the saying. Speaking of losing unwanted pounds we mustn’t underestimate the importance of before-noon measures when we are at our freshest and ready to tackle anything that comes our way. This is the best time to follow slimming advice and set your mind accordingly for the rest of the day. Psychologically it is easier to begin as early as possible and then follow it through the day rather than break the routine later to get busy on yourself. See if these seven hints can make your weight-dropping program easier and more effective!


Allow yourself a little extra sleep

Naturally, it won’t do to get up at the last moment when you dash through the morning to make it just in time for work. But if you arrange for about 20-30 minutes of morning drowse to prolong your sleep, you will feel the difference. First, insufficient sleep for days on end interferes with your hormones to affect metabolism; second, when you don’t feel rested enough you are likely to want to make up for it by eating more.

Morning sun is your friend

Let the sunshine in as soon as you’ve woken. Flood your bedroom with UV light for brightening up your day and charging yourself up. There’s a study that shows that those who prefer a sunlit bedroom have lower BMIs compared to ones who like to keep it shaded. It seems that a sunbath first thing in the morning gets you off ticking louder, your metabolism also picking up pace.

Get in a protein-rich breakfast

You know that a properly balanced breakfast leaves you with a pleasant lasting feeling of satiety and enough energy for a great part of the day, so you don’t feel like wanting to go snacking. But you should make sure it’s not all carbs – by “properly balanced” we mean it contains a deal of protein and probably some fat as well. This way you kill hunger and get a steady level of blood sugar. Fruit, egg whites, lean yogurts and whole-grain toasts will fill you up in a healthy way.

Mind what you drink with breakfast

Now you’ve filled yourself up nicely, see to it that your hydrating also excludes any unnecessary bloating. Avoid clocking up calories with your drink at the beginning of the day. Instead of indulging in sweet beverages, go for water. Make it taste better with some lemon or lime and enjoy the sugar-free flavor.

Work out some morning sweat

One of the healthiest morning habits, surely, are to do a yoga session, go out jogging or work with your sports DVD; it sets your metabolism in high gear, staves off cravings, and creates that fine positive feeling for most of the day. But if you find it hard to get down to it properly, devote about 10 minutes to it and get the good results. After a little time of straining your muscles or running in place your body gets stronger, your blood flows faster, and your metabolism quickens up – now your day is up a couple of notches.

Snack up on prepared foods

It’s common knowledge that treating yourself to unhealthy snacks in the afternoon can smash your dieting and slimming plans to smithereens; so your best policy is to prepare snacks for the day beforehand. It may be not quite a morning activity (and even better accomplished more leisurely in the evenings). Make a list of healthy low-calorie foods beforehand (like almonds, some apples, other fruits and vegetables) and put them in packs to pick up before leaving for work and avoid the temptation of stuffing yourself with junk cals.

Get in the habit of walking

Consider your daily routes: where you can walk some way instead of taking a bus, or leave your car a couple of blocks from your work and leg it the rest of the way. What can be easier to get a little exercise, get rid of calories and get your metabolism working faster? Besides, researchers found that walking to work is linked with having a lower BMI.

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