Weight Loss Fragrance Created in France

Women can now safely use any recipe, including the one with the most calories. Perfume for weight loss removes the painful craving for a snack.

Woman eating too much

The action of the fragrance is based on the fact that they contain a substance which, when applied to the skin, stimulates the release of endorphins, the joy hormones. So once a woman feels certain psychological discomfort and reaches for another portion of chips, cakes, etc. – she will only need to remember about the perfume and to wrap herself in the fragrance. Indeed, there is scientific evidence that the desire to have a snack, as a rule, emerges not because of hunger.

The new perfume also includes caffeine, carnitine and spirulina extract, which promote fat loss by activating key enzymes responsible for this process. The creators of fragrance recommend to apply the fragrance on your skin in the morning and during the day, when you feel like eating. And to achieve ideal proportions as soon as possible, we are advised gentle massage mornings and evenings.

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