Weight Loss and Female Friendship

Psychologists believe that weight loss leads to a less close female conversation.

Do not rush to lose weight, if you do not want to lose pleasant chatting. According to the results of the survey, involving 10,000 female residents of the UK and commissioned by the manufacturers of weight loss products, rapid correction of the waist is dangerous for female friendship.

One-third of the interviewed women have sincerely admitted that they secretly envy their friends, who are losing weight. One in six respondents wants her friends to have extra weight. 20% of the survey participants feel happy when their best friends have more extra pounds than they do.

No matter how much we praise friendship and how often we talk about wishing only the best to our friends, human jealousy is often stronger than the relationship.

10% of the respondents tell their friends that they have lost weight. But it does not happen in reality. Do you think this is done in order to encourage the friends? No, these words are uttered to make them stop dieting. A significant amount of women aged 16-17 years mark their friends only in those general photographs on social networking sites where they look ugly.