Weekends Dangerous for Dieters


Weekends are a nightmare for dieters. As researchers have found out, on Saturday and Sunday we consume half of the calories eaten for 5 days.

Vegetable pizza

83 % dieters allow themselves to “relax” at the weekends, as shown by a survey conducted by Forza Supplements. It turned out that on Saturday and Sunday the number of calorie intake grows to 10,000, which is half of the total in everyday life. Such a raise is sharply promoted by the habit of eating in front of the TV, alcohol and the variety of a family meal, which leads to the diet disruption.

Such a corrupting influence of the weekends is explained by the fact that 73% of the respondents think it to be the right time to end the routine. 70% take away food (the most popular is pizza), a great many people snack between meals, and, finally, almost everyone consumes more alcoholic beverages than on weekdays.

Most people just need to go to work every day, and that routine allows them to strictly adhere to the diet. Too many people feel that they have the right to indulge themselves on the weekends, unwittingly becoming followers of the 5:2 diet. However, nutrition experts believe that such treatment does not make any sense, because it does not lead to the desired results, and therefore is a failure of the diet.

Therefore, there should be no weekends in a diet. That is why it is very important to pick up a sparing diet. Experts say, to achieve the desired result a person has to adhere to the diet for his or her whole life.