Vegetarian Diet Lowers Cholesterol Level

The researchers from the University of Toronto have discovered that cholesterol can be lowered with the help of a diet based on plants and grains. This approach was tested on a group of 400 volunteers with high cholesterol.

Vegetarian  food

They were divided into 3 groups. The first one had a diet with a low level of saturated fat. But the second and the third groups tested two versions of vegetable diet. In total, the volunteers were on a diet during a period of 6 months.

After this, the people from the first group had a reduction in the level of low density lipoproteins, or “bad cholesterol”, an average of 8 milligrams per deciliter. But the second and the third groups had a decline of cholesterol at the level of 24 and 26 milligrams per deciliter respectively. Moreover, at the beginning of the study the level was usually about 170 milligrams per deciliter, whereas exceeding the level of 160 milligrams was considered high.

The diet was plant-based and included natural fats in the form of nuts, seeds and whole grains. Due to the plants, the diet contained practically no cholesterol. The scientists add that in order to achieve the results one needs to adhere to the vegetarian diet without any indulgences.

Source of the image: Photl.

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