Top Excuses Why Obese Women Don’t Lose Weight

Each obese woman has a lot of good reasons to remain obese. Everything seems to be perfectly simple from aside: avoid mayonnaise, buy a treadmill and stop eating at three o’clock at night.


In fact, we are defending ourselves from the need to improve, as if it were a terrible damage.

“I have to find a perfect way to say goodbye to food before I start dieting”

What could be more epic than traditional pre-diet gluttony? Protruding belly, television, cookies, stretched sports pants, problems with breath – this is the way we, ladies, say goodbye to wages and food.

What’s really funny – this parting usually lasts for many years. Food does not let you go, and Monday does not come.

“If you strongly want to eat something, you can”

People are lazy opportunists. We often want to do nothing, have a lot of money and a rich husband, enjoy August all year round, a silent robot housekeeper and courses in foreign languages ​that would last four minutes. If we yielded to impulsive desires, we would have become drug addicts and criminals and committed suicides long ago.

Thanks God, “want” is not the only verb in our language.

“I do not know how to live through this day without a chocolate bar”

Chocolate does not do the job better and does not make your boyfriend more responsive. It will not cure the flu, it will not pass the exam or return your friends. It will not send you to Paris or to college, it will not help you reconcile with your mother. It does not rejuvenate or bring happiness and comfort either.

A chocolate bar will just add five hundred unnecessary calories, tooth decay, acne, cellulite, split hair, carbohydrate addiction and heartburn to all the problems you already have. Are you sure you need it?

“I have a vitamin deficiency, I cannot reduce my diet”

It would be difficult even for a sleuth like Sherlock Holmes to find vitamins in the sweet and fatty potato menu. Do not worry: lack of vitamin C is objectively better than clinical obesity.

“I’m fat and it’s my destiny”

How everything should happen in the world: if you do not eat sandwiches, you lose five kilos. If you squat twenty times, you get Beyonce’s buttocks.

How it happens in reality: the process of losing weight is long, difficult, tearful, and as a result you lose two kilograms and three hundred fifty grams. You must work incessantly to improve yourself. For the sake of a slim figure, for the sake of your health, in the name of a better quality of life.

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