Top 5 Foods Making You Overeat

Nutritionists have found out that some foods that are part of a healthy diet, in fact, often prevent people from losing weight, and even contribute to gaining extra kilos. According to experts, the problem is that people find it difficult to stop when they eat these foods.


Experts have compiled a list of useful products, which are often eaten in very large quantities and for this reason, can play a nasty trick on your health. The list includes five items:

  • quick flakes,
  • nuts,
  • olive oil,
  • hummus,
  • freshly squeezed orange juice.

According to the experts, many people find it almost impossible to refrain from eating these products. Meanwhile, they are sources of large amounts of calories.

Nutritionists recommend eating the foods from the list in strict moderation and small portions. Doctors suggest that people are often wrong about them. For example, many argue that sweet cereal should be replaced with whole grains. However, whole grains used in large quantities also exacerbate weight problems.

Nutritionists recommend eating the above-mentioned products as follows:

  • measure the quick flakes so that the portion could fit into your palm;
  • place nuts in a small bowl for 30-40 grams;
  • instead of olive oil, dress salads with lemon juice and only sprinkle with oil lightly;
  • eat no more than two tablespoons of hummus at one meal, dipping fresh vegetables into it – carrots, peppers, cucumbers, celery stalks.
  • dilute orange juice with water.
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