Shopping Helps Burn Calories

Shopping can be as useful as fitness. The Promotional Codes company has recently conducted the study that showed that the average woman walked 334 kilometers in shops in a matter of just a year.

Women during shopping

This load can help burn more than 14000 calories, which means approximately 67 chocolate bars. If you go shopping twice a week for two hours, you can “trod” the distance of almost 20,000 kilometers during your lifetime.

The study involved 20 volunteers, who had to go shopping with a pedometer. The study participants measured the distance during four weeks. Not only shopping for clothes or accessories, but also ordinary daily trips for groceries were taken into consideration. The researchers concluded that well-organized shopping could replace morning exercises. To achieve this result, one should walk fast, reach out high for the things, carry heavy bags, and spend at least two hours in stores.

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