Protein Helps Stop Snacking

A group of the scientists, who had been working under the guidance of Alison Grosby, came to the conclusion that the people, who suffer from bouts of hunger, might lack protein in their diet.


Eating more meat, fish, eggs, and nuts you can control your weight and cope with the habit of snacking more easily.

The researchers from Cambridge University and the University of Sydney examined 22 volunteers. All the people had normal weight. They were offered to eat seemingly the same products. Meanwhile, the products had different levels of protein. In particular, the volunteers were given a muffin for breakfast, grilled tuna with salad for lunch, and pasta or spaghetti with a dessert – for dinner. The people, whose diet included 10% of proteins, consumed 260 calories a day more than the people, who received 15% of the protein from their diet. So, the people from the first group not only ate more, but obtained 70% of the extra calories from snacks. However, increasing the percentage of protein up to 25% did not help to cope with overeating.

At the same time, the volunteers had to answer the questions aimed at evaluating the level of their hunger. The people, who consumed more protein, did not have such an acute feeling of hunger two hours after a meal.

Source of the image: Photl.