Protein Diet Helps Kick the Sugar Habit

Protein diet will help to get rid of the love of sweets. Well-known nutritionist Lisa Guy has offered this method to everyone who can be called a sweet tooth.


She believes that sugar in the blood can be replaced by other useful products. Consequently, the body will not lack sugar, and fatigue will not be felt. It is because of fatigue that people often start abusing sweets.

But this is only a temporary burst of energy, so normal foods should not be refused (even if you just have a snack in the office). Otherwise, your blood sugar may drop significantly, which threatens with overeating unhealthy foods. Lisa Guy advises to include protein in your daily diet. In the morning, you can eat an egg with toast, muesli with nuts, seeds and yogurt, fruit smoothies with protein powder. For a snack, you can take yogurt, fruit, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, protein bars, and hummus. For dinner, the nutritionist advises to eat chicken, fish, lean meat, eggs, salad, vegetables, curry, and fries.

Carbohydrates, which are contained in chocolate, should be replaced with more complex carbohydrates with fiber that are contained in such foods as brown rice and whole-grain products. They prevent rapid absorption of sugar in the blood and help keep it stable. If you do not use these products, you will have a desire to eat something sweet after each meal. The nutritionist advises taking dietary supplements that are rich in chromium mineral, which helps to keep blood sugar levels.