OMG 6-Week Magic Diet Plan Is Getting Popular

The OMG diet – whose full name is “Six Weeks to OMG” – used to be a hit with some actors and teenage girls, but now it seems to be increasing in popularity all over the globe.

Dropping weight
The author of the “breakthrough” diet, Venice Fulton (born Paul Khanna), an actor who came to create a system of his own built on his fitness experience, claims his method is not just a 6-week diet, but a healthy lifestyle! Well, it does boast several unique features worth looking into. What exactly are Fulton’s brilliant ideas?

His system mostly boils down to the following five pieces of advice:

1. Cold showers and baths are conducive to losing weight

It’s a proven fact that the body burns calories trying to heat up, but not to such an extent as to become an advisable fat-burning process. Furthermore, you can try and set back the cold sensation in your body by eating more!

2. No breakfast

Most research goes counter this showing that enjoying your breakfast is a good beginning of the day providing not only for a healthy life, but also for shaking off extra weight.

3. Any kind of carbohydrates will do

If you think biology, carbohydrates can be broken up to the same kind of molecules, so it seems to be a sound idea basically, but actually there is a difference between intaking a Coke or a sweet potato. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber that is better at blood glucose control and therefore help keep weight in control. Besides, they bring on the feeling of satiety.

4. Go easy on fruits

The fructose contained in fruits influences the appetite hormones, argues Fulton, but it’s far from being the only fruit property. On the other hand, eating fruit makes us want to eat less owing to the crunchiness, and abundance of water and fiber. Besides, fruit potassium is of help in keeping water weight less.

5. Coffee should be black

That’s right, why load sugar and cream into your body every time you have a cup of coffee? Black coffee brings in powerful antioxidants, speeds up the metabolism and quiets down the appetite when it acts up.

Therefore, if the OMG system excites you and fires up to make your body slimmer, get on it, but be ready to consider alterations should you feel uncomfortable with any part of it.

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