New Slimming Diet Created

The scientists at Cornell University (USA) are convinced that small changes in diet can help to get rid of extra pounds. This does not mean the necessity to make considerable changes in diet and lifestyle.

Woman to lose weight

The scientists conducted a study, which lasted for several months. During this study, the volunteers had various tests regarding their habits. Reflecting on the results, the researchers were able to formulate some rules that would help to lose excess weight. The most effective recommendations were as follows:

  • there should be only healthy foods on the table;
  • it is not recommended to eat foods without taking them out of the package;
  • breakfast should always be eaten as a hot meal, and it must begin within one hour after awakening from sleep in the morning;
  • food should be taken in small amounts every 3-4 hours;
  • there has to be cutlery on the table in order to slow down the process of eating food.

The participants of the study, who adhered to these simple rules during 25 days, lost weight faster than others.

Regarding the factors which prevent weight loss, the scientists name distraction and forgetfulness, being permanently busy, changing the usual timetable (holidays, weekends), as well as frequent changes of the emotional background (stress).

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