How to Make the Metabolism Faster and Burn More Calories?

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University (USA) offer a way out to those who suffer from a lazy metabolism. There are ways to make the body burn more calories, and they are not that complicated.

How to Lose Weight?
Experts indicate that the rate of metabolism differs according to the activity and time of the day. There is a steady metabolic rate at rest – it is the number of calories the body burns in a passive state (for example, when we are sleeping, reading, and sitting at the computer). It accounts for 65-75% of energy obtained with meals. From 15 to 30% are burnt during physical activity, and from 5 to 10% goes to the digestive process.

Metabolism slows down when you get little sleep (less than 7:00). So if you want to accelerate the burning of calories – sleep well. And have breakfast containing fiber immediately after sleep.

As for food, the most energy-requiring component to digest is protein (meat, milk, cheese and all dairy products). The most necessary thing for a quick metabolism is water. If you drink two glasses of water, then in the next half an hour the speed of metabolism will increase by 40%.

And, of course, the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle is physical activity. Muscles spend three times more energy than fat, which means that the more muscles you have, the easier it is to burn calories. In order to be keep fit, you should not necessarily run a marathon every day or lift record weight. It takes only half an hour of moderate effort to burn off 1,000 calories. If you train outside (especially when it is cool), this figure increases.

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