How to Lose Weight by Just Walking?

Walking is a load that has practically no restrictions on health and age. We can learn to lose weight in a comfortable mode, doing our favorite workouts, eating to our pleasure and without harming the body. In addition to Pilates, jogging and stretching, many doctors consider walking as a slow but reliable way to bring the body back to norm.

Walk at least 4 times a week

Of course, it is advisable to wear comfortable sports shoes and the clothing that does not constrain movement. It is better to do this at least four hours a week – according to scientists, this reduces the risk of injury to the femoral neck in adulthood, makes the heart healthier and allows you to lose weight. By the way, if you combine walking on a flat and uneven terrain, this will increase calorie burning by 20%.

Speed up

Brisk walking is not a peaceful walk with a dog, its pace is moderate. If during such an activity it is difficult for you to speak without losing your breath, you are on the right track. It is advisable to start with 90-120 steps per minute. When you get used to it, you can make 140 steps per minute – this is almost a jog, but you will lose about 400 calories after an hour of such a workout.

Be sure to warm up

Warming up is not a waste of time, but a way to prepare the body for subsequent loads and reduce the risk of possible injuries. You can warm up before walking fast by starting to walk in a quiet mode (this should last at least 4-5 minutes).

Work with hands

Hands should be actively moving along the body and be bent at the elbows at right angles. Keep your back straight, look straight ahead.

Don’t overdo it

As with any physical activity, it is important to monitor your condition and set achievable goals. Dizziness, nausea, severe lack of air are signs that it is time to take a breath or reduce the load. You should not expect a quick weight loss from walking, but just enter your workout routine, adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, and you will feel the change.

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