Healthy Habits: The Natural Approach to Permanent Weight Loss

We are all creatures of habit to a certain extent and if you develop a routine of snacking or eating foods that are guaranteed to add some extra pounds over time, it can be hard to kick the habits and switch to healthier alternatives.


There are numerous risks and crash diets available on the internet which may sound tempting initially but there are definitely risks attached to many of these man-made products and suggestions, which is why it makes sense to take a natural approach to weight loss.

If you like the idea of getting some natural help, there are products such as garcinia cambogia which is a newly discovered fruit that is offering encouraging results as a natural way of shedding a few pounds, which you might consider using to supplement your own efforts to get in shape.

Here is a look at some healthy habits and ideas that could lead to permanent weight loss rather the yo-yo effect that can sometimes occur with pills and plans.

Health dangers

Being overweight is certainly not just about how it affects your appearance as carrying more weight than you should do can also have a detrimental impact on your health.

Excessive weight can increase your risk of suffering from certain health conditions like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and also cancer, as well as a number of other serious conditions.

There are also risks associated with trying to lose weight rapidly which is why you have to be cautious, but a natural weight-loss approach does help to improve your chances of achieving a lower target weight in a more controlled and measured way.

Setting your calorie target

Many of us would almost certainly be surprised or even shocked at the amount of calories we consume each day with our regular eating habits and diet.

A fundamental part of your weight-loss strategy should be to first record every piece of food and drink that you consume over a three day period, so that you can add these totals together and arrive at an average daily intake figure.

You should then be able to deduct 500 or more off this total in order to arrive at your new daily calorie target.
Having the self-discipline to limit yourself to the new daily calorie target is your first step towards reaching your weight-loss target but be sensible and don’t ever try to consume any less than 1,200 calories per day.

Cut out the processed foods

Another healthy quick-fix that will help is to try and replace as many processed foods in your current diet as possible, with healthier alternatives.

Your diet should consist of plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, low-fat dairy and also a selection of whole grains, nuts and also seafood. Eating mainly whole un-processed foods and ditching the junk food will not only probably make you feel better and have more energy, but it will help to transform your diet and make a positive contribution to your weight loss target.

Portion control

We are constantly facing food temptations that can end up piling on the pounds by agreeing to go-large when it comes to portion sizes.

Getting into the habit of eating smaller portions at each meal time and resisting the urge to go back for seconds will make a big difference and cutting down on portion sizes will be kinder to your wallet as well as helping manage your weight.

If you do want to eat a good meal once a day, make it breakfast. Eating a good breakfast sets you up for the day and is a habit that helps you to avoid overeating later and is a common theme amongst people who manage to successfully lose weight.

Drink plenty of water

Water is good for you in many ways and is actually a great option for helping you to lose weight.
Drinking water will help you to lose weight due to the fact that it encourages your body to burn fat that is stored in different parts of the body and there is some suggestion that you might be able to eliminate toxins with it too.

The power of garlic

It has been established that garlic contains properties that help to accelerate your metabolism, which will help you to lose weight and also enjoy a healthier digestion system.

Add some garlic to your diet and your health will almost certainly benefit as well as helping you to achieve some weight-loss if consumed regularly as part of your diet.

If you take a natural approach to weight loss and develop some healthy habits, you stand a better chance of seeing the pounds fall off and stay off.

Robin Mace works as a nutritionist and likes to share his insights with an online audience. His articles mainly appear on health, wellbeing and lifestyle blogs.

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