Every 5th Thinks about Weight Loss Daily

The scientists decided to find out whether people are satisfied with their weight. The surveys have shown that most people are unhappy with their figure, but take no action for its improvement.

Woman to lose weight

It was found that every fifth person daily dreamt of losing weight and about two-thirds of the respondents (63%) said they thought about dieting every time they looked in the mirror.

Every third respondent believed it possible to get rid of extra pounds without going to a gym. 39% of the respondents confessed that they had no free time for physical exercises.

The experts warn that this opinion is erroneous. The problems with excess weight may be more serious and, for example, may lead to obesity, which, in turn, will cause serious diseases. The people with overweight often suffer from heart diseases and blood vessels illnesses, which increase the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

The British researchers have also found that almost half of all the respondents had the habit of eating everything because of the greed and openly admitted this fact. 22% of the people did not think of their figure because of having more important issues.

Psychologists are very surprised by the results of the study. Approximately a half of men and women consider size 42 to be ideal, and to approach this ideal, women on average lose weight 15 times during their lifetime. When buying clothes, 58% of people think about the imperfections of their figure, and 45% of women want to lose weight before the holidays.