Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Weight Loss?

Apple cider vinegar has been part of many weight loss programs. Although there is no direct correlation between visible weight loss results and the apple cider diet, it seems that even some new programs still recommend it. So what is the secret to the drink? Can it actually help you lose weight?

Going beyond the myth

The truth is there are many drinks which are advertised as beneficial to weight loss. Although many drinks don`t actually do anything to boost weight loss, people still think it is best to look for quick solutions. The problem with weight loss is actually more complex. The process of losing weight is followed by a period in which the weight returns, at least for most people. This is because results are not sustainable without proper nutrition and exercise. So before drinking cups of vinegar every day expecting magic results you need to understand what sustainable weight loss is and how it combines healthy foods with moderate exercise routines for the best long-term results.

So what is apple cider vinegar and what is its role? The drink has been used to its properties for many years. It seems there are some benefits to using apple cider vinegar. Let`s see some of the most important benefits:


As many types of vinegar, it comes with good digestive properties. This means you can improve digestion simply by adding drinking it before meals. You can have a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before large meals to boost your appetite. Although boosting your appetite may not seem the best route, it will actually give you food cravings before you eat. This way you control craving and eating junk food or unhealthy snacks.

Protein synthesis

It seems that apple cider vinegar can come with a small boost in protein synthesis. Protein plays an important role in any weight loss nutrition plan. As it is the building block of muscles, protein and vegetables are among the recommended foods for weight loss. But having large amounts of protein is not suitable for every person. This is why you should concentrate on choosing healthy proteins first.

Potassium and iron

Apple cider vinegar is a great source of potassium and iron. They play an important role in the circulatory system where they improve oxygenation. But they are also recommended to balance the sodium in the diet.

Apple cider vinegar has many other health benefits. But it seems that the potassium and iron have a major effect on boosting the metabolism while improving blood oxygenation and balancing sodium. Apple cider vinegar can also help with protein synthesis, which, in some cases, can be beneficial in terms of keeping muscle mass while reducing body fat. But most importantly, apple cider vinegar can improve digestion. A digestion can be unbalanced during extreme weight loss programs; it can be understood that vinegar would be the choice to go to balance the acid in the stomach. But you need to make sure you keep your basic nutrition and exercise routine in balance, before heavily relying on vinegar.

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