7 Easy & Painless Weight Loss Tips

Painless weight loss? If you sweat desperately at workouts and do not allow yourself to eat your favorite high-calorie treat, it may seem somewhat improbable. However, although weight loss requires certain work, it does not necessarily require super-heroic effort. Just a few simple lifestyle changes can help you lose weight gradually without any special effort.

Woman to lose weight

1. Add, do not subtract

Forget about giving up: try to add products to your diet instead of subtracting them. Add healthy treats that you really like – dark red cherries, juicy grapes, oatmeal cookies, dried apricots. Adding will actually give you an effect that no limitation could provide, but do not forget to keep an eye on the general picture of calories. And do not forget about exercise. You will eat the added products to satiety and will not want any more harmful and fatty things.

2. Forget boring words

If the word “exercise” inspires you to think of ways to avoid them, do not use that word. The trick is to never mention the words “training”, “exercise”, etc. Anything that reminds you of the boring workouts in the gym. Burn calories and strengthen your muscles doing horseback riding, biking, skiing, hiking in the mountains, walking the dog around the yard, or even being engaged in intense sex. After all, the point is in what you do, and not how you call it.

3. Walk

Walking in good weather is the easiest way to keep fit. There are no sidewalks in your neighborhood? Try to use the tips already known to many people.

4. Park your car further away from home or office

  • During the lunch break, get out of the office building and enjoy the walk.
  • Get off the bus a few stops earlier.
  • Planning a trip to the store, pick the one that is far away.
  • If possible, always walk up the stairs.
  • Eat favorite foods, but less fatty.

5. Make familiar dishes healthier

Switch to lower-calorie versions of foods and drinks, which you crave for. Pizza is none the less delicious if it contains low-fat cheese. When you eat low fat ice cream with your favorite fruits, who will notice those missing calories? In addition, physicians advise to provide a diet high in fiber because it helps you feel full longer.

6. More water

After drinking some water before a meal, you will not feel so hungry. Drink plenty of water – it’s a great idea to not get carried away by high-calorie beverages.

7. Weight loss partner

Why not share the cost of a personal trainer, working out with a friend or spouse? It may be worth sharing a gym membership. When you are trying to eat less and do more exercise, you will achieve greater success, if you do it with a friend or partner.

Bonus tips for easy weight loss

  • Every day eat at the same time (including snacks). Of course, you can not always do that, but at least try to.
  • Cook only once. Instead of having to cook something high-calorie for a family and low-calorie for yourself, get healthy and tasty recipes that will please both you and your loved ones. It is easier to lose weight and maintain it when everyone eats the same thing – and you’re not tempted by the view of someone else’s high-calorie food.
  • Remember, everything is made ​​up of little things. You can eat an apple instead of a candy here, a zucchini instead of a cutlet there, walk for 10 minutes at lunchtime, and do not think it means nothing! Take heed of all that is effective in your case – and do it!
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