5 Tips on How to Look Taller & Thinner

In order to look taller and thinner, you should not torture yourself walking on high heels all the time. You just need to choose the right clothes, shoes and accessories. In our review, you will see 5 ways to help women visually increase their height.


1. Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes give a lengthening effect, so the wardrobe of not very tall girls must include things with such prints.

Clothing made of the fabric with vertical stripes makes the silhouette taller and slimmer.


2. V-neck

Clothes with the V-neck make women look taller.

The cutout in the form of the English letter “V” lengthens a short neck, emphasizing the chest and the neck line. Blouses, sweaters, tops, sweatshirts, tunics and shirts with a V-neck help the girls look taller. This effect can be reinforced by an item from the next point.

3. Long necklace or chain

Long neck ornaments are an indispensable accessory for women of short height.

Girls wearing long jewelry, look taller and slimmer.

4. Beige shoes

Shoes of the flesh color are a great way to visually lengthen the legs.

Beige shoes and sandals will help create the effect of slim and long legs. In winter, this trick can be repeated with boots, if you wear them with thick opaque skin color tights. Not very tall girls should also have boat shoes with heels and a pointed toe.

5. Asymmetrical wrap over skirt

An asymmetrical skirt wrap is a model that will help short girls look taller.

By the way, a wrap over skirt will not only visually increase the height, but also make the girls with any type of figure trendy.

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