5 Steps to Take Today to Lose Weight Tomorrow

Very simple actions that help in the difficult struggle with extra pounds and to lose weight fast. But do you do these actions?

What are the best things to do in the evening? Dates, complete relaxation in the bathroom, watching Instagram feed, or a new Netflix series? Certainly. But the precious hours before the start of a new working day can also be used in order to “program” the body for effective weight loss. Follow these simple tips to get closer to the cherished goal of “minus N kilograms”.

Exercise at night

You know that physical activity and sweating help remove excess fluid from the body and lose weight (at least a little). When to do this, if the day is scheduled in hours and minutes? For a long time, we have been accustomed to the idea that exercising late in the evening and at night is bad, at least because the excited nervous system will not let us fall asleep for a long time.

Fortunately, this is not so – you can exercise at a later time. The National Sleep Foundation (an organization operating in the United States) has conducted extensive research on this topic. They found out:

“Those who report exercising close to bedtime and earlier in the day do not demonstrate a difference in self-reported sleep quality. In fact, for most people exercise at any time seems to be better for sleep than no exercise at all.“

Great news to include a stepper or stretching in your evening “to do-list”.

Less salt for dinner

Spicy foods are definitely not your option if you don’t want to wake up bloated and puffy in the morning. It’s all about salt: salty food makes you drink more than usual, and its excess remains in the body for the whole night, inhibiting the microcirculation of fluid and retaining its excess.

Salt in general is not a must-have when it comes to healthy lifestyle. Therefore, when you eat one portion of rolls in the evening, generously seasoned with soy sauce, in the morning you will look “plumper” than usual. How many times have the people been told that the ideal dinner is steamed vegetables and lean protein (fish, chicken breast)? And no salt.

Prepare your lunch box

Restaurant and ready-made “fast” meals contain on average twice as many calories as you should consume in one meal. And here we are not even talking about the fact that your diet should be based on calorie deficit in case of active weight loss.

Homemade food is definitely a priority because you know exactly what you cooked, in what way and in what type of oil. But who has time in the morning rush to prepare and take a lunch box? Save yourself from a super calorie (and wasteful) business lunch by preparing a healthy lunch box the night before.

Change the curtains to darker ones

The hormone melatonin helps the body produce more fat-burning calories. Melatonin is our regulator of circadian rhythms, thanks to which we fall asleep well and wake up refreshed and full of energy, if the sleep was healthy and sound. Good rest helps to maintain the position for good health and a beautiful figure.

Physiologically, melatonin starts to be produced when you are in the dark. Make sure the curtains are opaque and only open them when it’s time to get up.

For the same reason, it is better to turn off all gadgets in advance or put them in the “alarm only” mode. This is an indirect action aimed at improving the body, but, nevertheless, it can well support your fight against excess weight.

Turn off heating (or open the window)

The idea of burning fat while sleeping may seem unrealistic but incredibly attractive – you sleep and lose weight! A study by the National Institute of Health (based and operating in the American town of Bethesda, Maryland), nevertheless, shows that sleeping at a temperature of 19°C burns 7% more calories (quite a lot when you are doing nothing!) than those who rested at 24°C.

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