5 Secrets of a Successful Weight Loss

These five new facts, proven by research, will help you lose weight more effectively. Training, dieting and avoiding harmful habits will bring the results that you expect.


Secret number one. Coffee harms slimming exactly as stress

Dieters know that stress prevents you from losing weight. After all, cortisol (stress hormone) prevents absorbing and digesting food efficiently. This hormone also causes the body to store more fat and burn fewer calories. As a result, many weight loss efforts are wasted.

What is the role coffee plays here? Scientists have discovered that coffee has exactly the same effect on the body as stress. Namely, it increases the level of cortisol. Given that we often drink coffee in stressful situations, it turns out that it simply cancels our weight loss plans.

Coffee turns out to be a rather dubious assistant in the diet. On the one hand, this drink has a diuretic effect, so it helps the body get rid of excess water. But at the same time, it provokes the increase in fat deposits. This means coffee is at least useless – if not harmful.

A way out is simple: drink tea or chicory and look for other ways to calm down or cheer up.

Secret number two. The food eaten on the go is no food at all

The laws of time management are strict and do not allow many of us to find at least 15 extra minutes for some occupation. It turns out that we eat our lunch on the way from work to home or to the gym, snacking with sandwiches and drinks on the go. How often do we feel sorry for the lunch break spent eating: “I should have gone shopping instead!”

What happens next? The body is completely disoriented and does not understand that it was a meal! It demands the meal to be continued. As a result, you consume more than you need. The women who write a food diary have proved it many at time that without a proper meal you have to eat more.

Find a few minutes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will help to control the selection of products and dishes, allowing the body to digest everything thoroughly and avoid overeating.

Secret number three. Water contributes to good detox and metabolism

A recent study has questioned the fact that the recommendation to drink more water may influence the weight loss process. It has even proved that most often it is the placebo effect that works rather than the real properties of water. But even if it works as a placebo – why not use it to help your weight loss? After all, we really internalized the need for drinking eight glasses a day. And we really believe in it. Those who follow this tip are not disappointed.

It should be said that there is only one study of this kind. All the previous ones proved that a daily intake of water has beneficial effects on the waistline. Without proper hydration, our metabolism slows down and the body stores more fat around the abdomen, as most nutritionists still believe.

Secret number four. Nuts should be soaked

Nutritionists often consider nuts as a source of protein and healthy fats, which is becoming an indispensable element of snacking when hunger pangs appear. Most often, we do not eat nuts correctly. The affordable and colored packaging seems to give a hint: open up and eat me. Doing this turns out to be undesirable. You need to soak the nuts first. This opinion is expressed by Vanessa Parker, an American expert on nutrition and fitness.

Raw nuts contain high levels of phytic acid, which comes in rapid reaction with the gastrointestinal tract substances and causes irritation. After soaking, nuts are easier to digest. Nuts should be soaked in warm water. This simple process neutralizes the harmful enzymes and acids that are present in all seeds and nuts and even stimulates the production of beneficial enzymes.

The advice to chew a handful of nuts in the afternoon is not bad, but it turns out that not everyone can benefit from it. After all, irritable bowel is a way to poor digestion.

Secret number five. Fats are your assistants rather than enemies

Healthy fats, such as unsaturated omega-3 fats, are meant here. Studies have shown that the people who consume more unsaturated fats have a lower BMI and a lower percentage of body fat. Healthy fats help increase the rate of metabolism, balance blood sugar levels, and feel satiety longer. And the longer you do not feel hunger, the less tempted you are to eat potato chips, cookies, or burgers.

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