3 Weight Loss Tips

As it is, Sunday is a perfect day for knocking together a string of healthy meals for the whole coming week. On the other hand, you can’t spend your weekends at the stove doing a week’s workload of cooking! Yet, do not be in haste to reject the whole idea. You can cut the useful preparation down to minimum and have a free day to enjoy yourself having laid foundations for a slimming week by implementing simple measures. Here are three tips which will save time and furnish you with enough to get up healthy meals for the next few days.


Tip 1. Get a dozen eggs hard-boiled beforehand

Eggs are excellent for breakfast if you are on a weight-loss diet, but you won’t be in the mood to boil them early in the morning; far better to get an already boiled one out of the fridge and not look around for a bun or a cookie. A breakfast comprising an egg or two and some fruit can be eaten without sitting down – while you’re rushing about your morning activities or even on your way out of home.

Tip 2. Get vegetables chopped

Many’s the time when you want to stuff something into your mouth and kill the intense hunger before you get down to putting your meal together. Again, a bag of chips seems to be the best bet for that. That is, unless you have prepared some tidbits you can fall back on. So, take some minutes on Sunday to chop cucumbers, carrots, sweet peppers to make sure you have a healthy snack to chew on when you feel like it. Also, you can easily add cut-up stuff to dishes to make the cooking process run smoother.

Tip 3. Get your work lunch portioned out in advance

While it certainly is the easiest way to grab a bag of fries (probably a large one at that!) on your way to work, yet stop to consider that the easiest option is also more expensive and less healthy. What is far more advisable is to purchase big bags and make up five smaller portions on Sunday. Thus, you won’t waste more time in the mornings and have your lunch for grabbing even if you’re in a hurry to get off.

The lure of the fast snack is in readiness, but it’s up to you to get healthy food just as ready for use, and scorn the temptation!

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