Top 10 Ads from Super Bowl 2011

Super Bowl is an enjoyable show in itself, but, studded with new TV adverts that are well above par, it has these other additional features to remember it by.

This year’s advertising rates go to something like $6 million for a minute, naturally companies exert themselves to come up with commercials that will hit the eye and capture the mind – and Super Bowl can boast some of the best in the field.

Creative outbursts, A-list celebrities popping on and off screen… Why not relive the pleasure and enjoyment reviewing the cream of the crop? Hopefully this selection of Top 10 Super Bowl Ad Videos will make for a delightful half-hour in your life.

Volkswagen: The Force


Best Buy with Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne

Kim Kardashian’s SKECHERS

NFL: American Family

Bud: Tiny Dancer

Audi: Release the Hounds

DORITOS: Pug Attack

Brisk Eminem

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