A Hen Whose Mother Instincts Took It to the Doghouse

There’s a hen at the Shrewsbury farm who is so much a mother that she doesn’t seem to care that much whom it fosters. Without batting a hen eyelid it took possession of some neglected puppies and splayed its wings over them giving warmth and protection.

Hen Mabel and Puppies in the Basket

Edward and Ros Tate, who own the farm, recount that their dog Nettle, having been delivered of a litter of puppies, lost interest in her brood quite soon – a fact that hasn’t escaped the notice of another family pet, the hen Mabel.

Upon which Mabel got on top of the poor creatures in their dog basket and started to act as if it were their mother, displaying plenty of care and protective feelings.

While nobody is aware what the actors in the drama actually think, the situation keeps on being as natural as it could be!

Source of the image: Newslite.tv.

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