Will Breast Surgery Really Improve the Way that I Feel about Myself?

Even the most educated and accomplished among us can admit to feeling self-conscious about one or more parts of their body. For many women, their smaller breasts serve as a reminder of what they are lacking. Whether as the result of an extreme weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or having simply won the genetic roll of the dice, smaller sagging breasts can be a reality for all too many women.

But will getting a breast lift and increasing breast size through augmentation truly help to restore lost confidence? Will this surgery help to improve the way that a woman feels about her body and her overall self-image?

The importance of emotional health

A good cosmetic surgeon will typically evaluate the reasons behind a patient wanting to get larger breasts. If there are emotional health concerns, then it may not be in the best interests of the patient to perform the augmentation procedure. This could be as simple as the patient not feeling confident in other areas of her life. Even the best breast augmentation surgery will not help a woman to feel her strongest.

When your surgeon is a discussion with you the details of a breast lift with implants, he or she may also evaluate what you are hoping to achieve from the surgery.

Having realistic goals

Looking at galleries of completed implant surgeries with lifts can help patients to understand the type of results that they may be able to see. They won’t, however, be able to demonstrate the exact results that surgery will achieve. This is due to a number of reasons. The first being that every body shape is different and every breast surgery is different.

Discussing your goals with your surgeon will allow you to work together, to produce results that leave you feeling your confident best.

Benefits of the breast lift and augmentation

The combination of the breast lift procedure and the augmentation is that it allows patients and their surgeons to attain the best in results.

Augmentation alone will, of course, allow women to see the larger cup size that they are looking for, but may not give them the right positioning and natural look. With the implant procedure, excess skin is removed from the breast and it is raised up. The result is a much more youthful look, and breasts that sit on the chest in a much more natural manner.

Feeling great after surgery

It will take some time before the swelling subsides and patients are able to see the true results of the surgery. When they are wholly healed, however, women are often delighted at how they look and feel in new tops and dresses. They’ll feel much curvier, much more confident, and this confidence is likely to spill out into other areas of their lives.

Perhaps you feel confident enough to wear that bikini this summer? Perhaps you feel confident enough to wear that low-cut dress at a dinner party? With realistic expectations, a skilled surgeon and the results you were hoping for, you are sure to feel just that much more confident when you step out.

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