Training after Breast Enlargement Surgery

Having cosmetic surgeries done have become a common scenario nowadays. Sometimes, the results are splendid as well.

People do see better results and start assuming that it is an easy job as if the surgery is done and boom, it is forever. We need to rethink it. Well, there’s more to the after surgery scenes. Proper training and activities have to be done to keep up the surgery effects and to keep other post-surgery issues away as well.

Know the Basics

Before you choose to go for a breast enlargement surgery, or any such cosmetic surgery, make sure you take up the consultation from a doctor first. We have all seen celebrities with not-so-appreciable looks post-surgery. This is one reason why we shouldn’t decide it all ourselves but first take up the consultation.

For example, Googling breast enlargement consultation in Glasgow (or another city you live in) will introduce you to lots of consultation service providers in this domain, located in one of the cities where the procedure has been on an increase. Then, be prepared to take up post-surgery workout instructions, training and all that. In simple words, it requires efforts.

What Workout? When do I do it?

A common question, is it not? Breast augmentation is not a short surgery, though anesthesia of a general type is given.

The doctor would suggest the patient have a minimal amount of inactivity to keep up to the surgery effects. In fact, most doctors advise the patients to have the first 24 hours monitored at home by a friend or a family member maybe. The heart rate must be maintained at a stable pace.

Effective Workouts and Timeline

Not everyone is a fitness expert here. Check these effective workouts and timeline to know what to expect after surgery. Remember, everything must be done on a gradual pace.

  1. Walking is a regular exercise, start it from day 1.
  2. Exercises to keep the lower body healthy must be started in two weeks. Start the workout on a light pace to gradually improve.
  3. After four weeks, start jogging; again the gradual pace is a must.
  4. Upper body workout would be the next, focusing on the chest part. This requires patience and the ability to be careful.

Weekly Schedule

The first couple of weeks is the healing weak. Just walk for 15 minutes, burn some calories, keep up low speed, and maintain the heart rate. Then, focus on the diet. Prepare a healthy diet enhanced in vitamins and nutrients and try not to do the lifting stunts.

The second set of two weeks still requires walking, some aerobic workouts, and lower body strength exercises. Remember nothing must go rigorous or off-limits here. Just because you are feeling a little better with the pain does not necessarily mean you can engage in activities like running, swimming or any sexual activities.

The fifth and sixth week is when you can return to the exercise routine, add some intensity to the exercise, change the pace, run, and just go on for the regular work out.

Other guidelines regarding self-care include wearing a good sports bra during these activities, limiting chest exercises as well as avoiding lateral movement and maintaining the desired position for a few days.

Pain and Healing

The implants are placed in the submuscular position of your chest, so the muscle relaxes and stretches, after which the pain fades away. The muscles in the chest must not be given excessive movement; it would only increase the pain and lead to side effects.
Limited chest exercises will make sure that the capsule matures to a desirable position. The pocket needs to be stable if you don’t want a lateral displacement process, thereby getting better cleavage.

Revision Surgery

Let’s say you have messed it up (maybe it wasn’t your fault) and the doctor identifies the need to have a revision surgery to fix the issue. Remember that the revision surgery is not the same as the breast augmentation. The surgery corrects and revises whatever complications the previous surgery has left. The doctor replaces the original saline or silicone implants.

The patients, sometimes, show a willingness to perform this to change the size of the type of the implants, apart from fixing the complications. The reason is medical or cosmetic, the overall goal as to restoring the breast appearance to the best must be fulfilled.


We get the breast augmentation surgery done to keep up the breast shape. After the doctor is done with their surgical duties, it is in our hands to take care of ourselves by following the post-operative guidelines, follow exercises, maintain a proper diet to ensure that the healing process takes place. Obviously, there must be an urge to return to the active schedule.

Most patients return to work quickly, given that they take enough rest and initiate the healing process. Whenever you feel the urge to break the schedule, remember why you went through the surgery and maintain the patience.

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