The Basics of Choosing a Brazilian Butt Lift Shape

Bums come in an array of shapes and sizes – no two are the same. If you have been unhappy with the appearance of your butt for some time now, you may be considering a Brazilian butt lift.

Patients can choose from three main shapes when they consult with a professional surgeon about this procedure. If you are unsure what shape you should be going with, this guide will help.

A Look at Natural Bum Shapes

Here are the natural bum shape categories that women tend to fall into:

The Heart

A heart-shaped butt is both feminine and desirable because the buttocks widen out from a narrow waist. The heart shape is most common amongst those with an hourglass figure and women with this butt shape will generally consider surgery in order to increase the volume and perkiness of their butts.

The Square

Square-shaped butts tend to lack the feminine curves that the heart shape has. The sides of the buttocks will usually appear quite flat and masculine. It’s also harder for women with a square shape to fill their clothing in all the right ways. To achieve a shapelier butt, fat is removed from the love handles, stomach and lower back to create a curvier appearance. The excess fat is injected into the buttocks to add volume and shape.

The V

Lastly, women who have more excess fat in the top of the buttocks have a V-shape. Unfortunately, this is one of the more challenging shapes to alter but some adjustments are possible. Fat is generally removed from the thighs and waist to create a shapelier appearance.

A Look at Brazilian Butt Lift Shapes

According to BBL surgery specialist, Dr Morris Ritz, patients can opt for a small, medium or large butt shape.


Small Brazilian butt lifts are ideal for anyone who still wants to keep their butt fairly small but would like to add some volume and enhance its shape. A minimal amount of fat is required for this butt shape and size.


When you think a medium size, think Beyoncé. Women who opt for a medium Brazilian butt lift size want a rounder, more voluminous butt as well as some contouring. If you have naturally wide hips, this is the perfect size for you.


This is more on the Kim Kardashian spectrum. Along with adding more volume to the buttocks, more projection is added too. To achieve this, most of the excess fat will be transferred to the upper and middle areas of the butt, after which it will be carefully sculpted to achieve the perfect shape. Overall, your surgeon will want to achieve the perfect buttocks size vs. waist.

While it helps to have a good idea of the types of sizes that are available to you, it’s still better to consult with a reputable surgeon that actually specialises in this specific procedure. Don’t forget to check qualifications and before and after photos before you go ahead.

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