Surgeons Reveal: Most Men Want a Body of a Superhero

Superhero costumes are popular for Halloween, but some men want to wear them all year round. We mean those who come to the beauty clinic and ask for a superhero body with the help of a plastic surgery.


Why should you attend a gym for years, exercise a lot and sweat, push the weights and workout with fitness equipment when a much more impressive body seems to be available due to a male plastic surgery conducted at a beauty clinic? However, American plastic surgeon Dr. Oren Tessler of LSU Plastic Surgeon says it is quite risky.

According to him, people come and say they want to look like a male supermodel, which is probably not the best reason to conduct a plastic surgery. They may also want to be like some Hulk from the comic series. When you see such a body on the screen, you forget that it is not real, and it is a special effect. But it is superheroes who advertise the trend of making surgeries to change the contours of the body.

Today, these surgeries can offer a wide selection to men. They can get implanted biceps (otherwise they would have to train for three years), create pectoral muscles and even get hold of the desired abdomen cubes. But maybe they will not get the body parts they actually want.

Dr. Tessler adds that most of these changes look unrealistic after conducting the men’s plastic surgery. It’s all reminiscent of the Barbie doll which has been brought to life. If you transfer all of its proportions on a living human, the body will look awfully ugly. In general, according to the doctor, plastic is becoming more acceptable for men. Gender roles have changed, and today plastic surgery is no longer perceived as a traditionally women’s fad. The desired image of a man has changed as well. Previously, he had to go to the gym and build muscles; today he is expected to look leaner and with better relief.

Most often, doctors offer liposuction; most of the fat stores that men want to get rid of are located in the lower abdomen. According to the American community of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, liposuction became the most popular procedure among men in 2013. Removal of excess fat from the abdominal area makes it easier to achieve the outlined press, but most plastic surgeons believe that no surgery will help to get the proportions of Hugh Jackman overnight.

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