Study Shows Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Sexuality as well as Self Esteem

Most people have an opinion when it comes to women who have cosmetic breast surgery. The women who experience this procedure report having an increase in their self-esteem. They claim to also have more positive feelings about themselves when it comes to their sexuality. A new study has been released that shows how cosmetic surgical procedures can provide a positive psychological benefit to those who have them.

It is understood that cosmetic surgery is not a guaranteed cure for individuals who have a low sense of self-worth or struggle with their feelings of sexual attractiveness. This study suggests health care providers should know about the psychological benefits individuals experience after having these types of procedures.


The study consisted of over 80 women as young as 21 and as old as 57. Prior to cosmetic breast augmentation, they were each sent a questionnaire. These women were asked to rate their personal feelings concerning their self-esteem and perceptions of sexuality.

A few months after their surgery, these same women were asked to complete a similar questionnaire. The results showed a direct connection between these women having breast augmentation and an improvement in their sexual satisfaction as well as self-esteem. This Rosenberg Female Sexual Function Index, as well as Self-Esteem scale, were used to assess the results.

Cosmetic Improvements

Most people have a desire to look good. It is common for individuals to try and achieve this with exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Many people get frustrated when they feel their efforts are not producing a desired result. Cosmos Clinic reviews shares the experiences of people who experience cosmetic surgery. In some cases, this surgery can offer a solution that is best for a person’s individual situation. An experienced plastic surgeon can provide a variety of safe and effective treatments designed to improve a person’s looks and increase their confidence.

Preconceived Negative Ideas

The results of the study have been published in “Plastic Surgical Nursing.” When it comes to individuals who want to have this type of surgery, the reality is they will experience many people, as well as healthcare providers, who have preconceived negative ideas about it. Most don’t realize there are many benefits for those who have these procedures. It is believed this study may lead to more research being conducted that shows how cosmetic surgery has positive impact on a person’s self-esteem as well as their sexuality.

Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Millions of cosmetic surgical procedures are performed annually, and the number of procedures performed is expected to increase. Since the year 2000, the number of breast surgeries has increased significantly. This surgery is able to help women who have small or underdeveloped breasts. In other cases, plastic surgery is able to remove excess skin and fat that accumulate in a woman’s abdomen after her pregnancy and more.

The people who conducted the study believe plastic surgery is not a way to cure all sexuality or self-esteem problems. Ethical plastic surgeons will screen this type of behavior and not provide the surgery for individuals with serious psychological issues. There are women who will not be satisfied with their bodies no matter what type of plastic surgery they receive. Those who have it for the right reasons will have a very positive experience.

Individuals who work in the cosmetic surgery industry know how important it is to listen to an individual’s reasoning for seeking such surgery. Many others will dismiss or stereotype these people. Studies have shown individuals experience an authentic psychological improvement after having this type of surgery. Society needs to accept these results and realize what they represent.