Snail Massage Already Popular in Britain

Snails are unpleasant for most of us. However, in Japan, they are in full use in spa. Live snails are placed directly on the customer’s face! UK salons gradually adopt Asian experience: thus, the Simply Divine beauty salon in the county of Northamptonshire snail massage costs 50 pounds.

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During the procedure, 3 huge snails, raised on the best organic diet of fruits and vegetables, are placed on the client’s face. And they crawl. It is believed that these snails’ mucus contains natural antibiotics and hyaluronic acid that gives a remarkable anti-age effect when applied on the skin. In addition, the movement of snails on the face is very nice and relaxing.

Snails are specially raised for this procedure, which means you cannot find such in your garden. So, do not try to do it yourself! Each snail in the cabin even has a name.

After working snail rests for at least 4 days – during this time it is not used for working with other clients. Before the procedure, the client’s skin should be completely free from any cosmetics. And after the procedure snails are placed in “quarantine”, i.e. they do not communicate with other snails in order to avoid infecting each other.

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