Skin Care Tips Onboard the Plane

What should you do with the skin before boarding the plane, during the flight and after it to prevent discomfort and dryness? Read our article to get the answer.

Onboard the plane, the humidity level is very low – about 20%. Follow our tips, if you don’t want your skin to resemble parchment by the end of the flight.

Before the flight

Skin care starts a couple of hours before leaving for the airport. Clean the face thoroughly and then apply an intensive hydrating mask while still at home. Having kept it on your skin for the time required, wipe the excess texture: use water if the mask must be rinsed or take a cotton disc if it mustn’t. Even if you never use tonic (due to being too lazy, having no time or neglecting it as an optional stage of skin care) — do not ignore this opportunity before the flight. Remember:

  • the more moisturizing layers appear on the skin, the better it feels;
  • the tonic prepares the skin for perceiving the active ingredients of serum and cream.

The next step would be using serum and cream with a dense texture. It is desirable that their composition should contain powerful moisturizing ingredients: aloe Vera juice or extract, hyaluronic acid, urea salts.

Try not to apply glycerin-based products before the flight: they tend to moisturize the skin, taking moisture from the air, but this happens only at humidity level from 40-50% and up. As soon as humidity drops, water from the surface of the skin begins to evaporate and the feeling of dryness and tightness intensifies.

You don’t need excess makeup onboard the plane: dry texture powder and eye shadows can irritate the skin, mascara will not benefit the eyes that feel uncomfortable in a dry environment. Another option would be to apply a light moisturizing foundation, such as a cushion or toning lip balm.

During the flight

Packing your suitcases, be sure to take a beautician bag that won’t go with the luggage. You need to have it at hand for the products in travel mini-bottles to be easily accessible. Your makeup set should at least contain:

  • antibacterial gel for your hands;
  • hand cream;
  • lip balm;
  • moist towelettes;
  • moisturizing eye drops;
  • nasal spray with sea salt.

Lifehack number one is that under-eye patches should be hydrogel or made of a thin fabric. Many brands make the patches semi-transparent or transparent for these things not to spoil your appearance. Lifehack number two is to have special cotton socks soaked with moisturizing ingredients. After an hour or two, they will not only restore the skin of the feet but also prevent foot fatigue.

Thermal water

Using thermal water and irrigating the passengers in the neighboring seats lavishly is perhaps the most favorite female beauty-fun during the flight. Thermal water is great, but you need to keep in mind one thing. If thermal water is sprayed on your face and left there to dry, you will get dehydrated instead of moisturized. Despite the fact that thermal water includes salts that make it hygroscopic, it still evaporates. It is one of the laws of physics. When this water evaporates, it also removes moisture from the surface of the skin.

The correct way to apply thermal water would be to apply it on the clean skin, slightly massage until it gets absorbed and then put the cream on top. Another option is to apply water after the cream and let it penetrate the skin. If you use thermal water to refresh your face, be sure to immediately blot it with a cloth.

Trying to prevent skin dehydration during the flight, many people drink liters of water. This is not a good idea: under the condition of extreme pressure drops and slowing blood and lymphatic circulation, excess fluid intake can trigger swelling.

After the flight

Arriving at the destination (not the airport, but the house or hotel), clean the skin properly and apply a moisturizing mask. Lie down on the couch for 10 minutes and slightly lift the legs. Lymphatic drainage self-massage will come in handy. If you apply makeup, choose a creamy texture and a lip gloss. Long-lasting matte lipsticks will be useless on this day.

Some more important information for skin care when traveling by plane

Just in case, remember what cannot be done during the flight.

Do not use the perfume before and especially after boarding the plane.

Do not apply nail polish. Even if you are flying to attend a business meeting and need to be dressed up properly, do not stifle the people around you with the smell of nail polish when the tip of your little finger nail suddenly rids of nail polish.

Do not travel with a runny nose. Rapid pressure changes during the take-off and landing can lead to otitis. Use sprays in case of a runny nose.

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