Push-up Bra under Your Skin

Plastic surgeons have offered women an alternative to traditional breast implants – a bra that must be installed under the skin. Experts call for a more detailed study of whether the procedure is safe for health.


Doctors at the Department of Plastic Surgery in Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London carry out a surgery and place an “internal bra” under the skin to lift and augment breasts. These are silicone cups connected to the straps of fine silk. The cups are mounted directly to the breasts, and the straps are fixed on the ribs during the surgery, which prevents the whole structure from sagging with age. Thus, the breast is always lifted and toned, just as almost every woman dreams.

Moreover, the internal bra captures the breast so well that women no longer need to wear traditional bras for these purposes. The bust looks completely natural, and there is no threat of leakage, which is very important in the light of the recent scandal over breast implants involving the French PIP company. A surgery to install an “internal bra” takes only 45 minutes and costs £6,000 which is one thousand more than the traditional breast augmentation.

But a number of experts are calling to treat this method with caution. They believe that it is necessary to conduct clinical trials for serious long-term consequences of the use of “internal bras” for health. Until then, women should treat the new method with great care.

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