Plastic Surgery Trends of 2015

In the coming year, the popularity of plastic surgeries will increase due to the influence of Facebook, as many patients will order a small change in appearance that will have considerable consequences. This opinion was expressed by the experts from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, who made 8 forecasts of the industry development in the coming year 2015.


A blurred line

The line between cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery will become even more blurred. If today someone wants to have a rhinoplasty for medical reasons, he/she is already receiving cosmetic benefits. According to experts, people will choose the procedure for correcting their aquiline nose, wanting to improve the quality of breathing at the same time.

The point is in the combination

In 2015, the number of combined surgeries will grow, and the patients will receive, for example, facial fillers and neurotoxins for wrinkles or the medications delivered by laser for more active impact of the ingredients on specific tissues.

Smile – you’re on Facebook

The selfie trend will continue in 2015, which means that an increasing number of adolescents, young people, and older people will want to look more presentable in these pictures. It will force them to turn to plastic surgeons. All this will increase the demand for such procedures as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and plastic surgeries on the neck.

On golden pond

Earlier, the 50th birthday was considered the start of the elderly age period, but today it is 70 years already. Therefore, an increasing number of the people from the senior age group will go through plastic surgeries to look and feel young.

Bright eyes

Progress in the rejuvenation procedures of the delicate eyelid area continues to surprise the experts. The development of technology aimed at rejuvenating the aging upper eyelids and removing bags under the eyes will continue in 2015.

Fat is still relevant

Fat transplantation will remain one of the most popular procedures in the next year. It allows you to increase the volume in a certain place due to the reduction of unwanted volumes in another place, which also gives the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Small changes

Many plastic surgeons work with the patients who select small procedures that lead to considerable changes in the appearance. These include the reduction of earlobes, injections of cosmetic fillers in certain areas of the face, like dimples on the cheeks and the jaw line, the use of a special device to remove moles, lifting the upper lip through hidden incisions under the nose and other similar procedures.

The syringe is within your reach

Nobody knows exactly how the authorities will react, but many facial plastic surgeons actively use the new method of “melting fat” via injections dealing with a double chin. Official approval of the procedure should be announced next year.