Manicure Myths, or How to Make Nails Look Nice and Healthy

How to Make Nails Look Nice and HealthyYou’ve certainly heard so many beliefs about manicure, such as: remove your nail polish time to time to let your nails breathe; or nail polish remover containing acetone is very harmful for the nails; or eating plenty of gelatin makes your nails especially strong and healthy. But all these statements are just myths. Let’s break these and other myths about how to make nails look nice and healthy.

1. There is a view that only specific color of nail polish can match warm or cold tone of skin.

In reality, any color of nail polish may go with any skin tone if you choose the right shade. If your skin is of darker tones, it has a yellow hue. Choose a lilac-colored nail polish or a violet-colored nail polish with yellowish hue. For white skin, pick violet nail polish with blue and cold undertones.

2. Do not file your nails back and forth as it leads to splitting nails. You can file your nails only in one direction.

In reality, filing nails back and forth is absolutely safe if you use a 240 grit nail file or more.

3. You have to remove your nail polish and top coat occasionally to give your nails some air.

In fact, nails are composed of firm keratin, so they can’t breathe. Any coatings, from base coat to fake nails, protect nails from external damage, dryness and fragility.

4. The nail polish remover with acetone content is harmful for nails.

In fact, it’s all the other way round. Acetone removers are just perfect because they fully remove coloring pigments of nail polishes and evaporate quickly. Acetone-free removers evaporate much slower, leaving a sticky layer on nails.

5. Only pale shades of nail polish look good on short nails.

In reality, darker nail polishes are much better for short nails. They give them a nice and tidy look. Short nails with a light neutral nail polish on will look natural but not bright enough. So, depending on the look you want to achieve, you may choose any nail polish color with short nails.

6. Eating gelatin makes nails strong and healthy.

In fact, there is no scientific evidence that gelatin supports the growth of nails and makes them stronger.

7. It is only trimming cuticle off that can make your nails look perfect.

In reality, trimming the cuticle off make it thicker eventually. The more you cut it off, the stronger its growth. Cosmetics for untrimmed manicure can help break the vicious circle. They are gradually removing horny skin and, if used daily, give cuticle a healthy and nice look, preventing dry skin.

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