Make Your Face Skin Surprisingly Gentle

Shoynear New CosmeticsI have recently bought cosmetics – just common things, which I usually buy: face cream and face tonic. The saleswoman gave me a present from a company I have not heard before of. It was Shoynear, a new German cosmetics manufacturer. If you buy any cosmetics at this drug chain (I will surely not tell you the name), they give you an article of Shoynear for free.

So, the tube they gave me was pretty big to be a tester (75 ml), it was Shoynear cleansing cream. Actually I thought it was a common cream, but in reality it occurred to be something new. This is a cream which should be washed off after application. I have never seen such creams, it seemed strange. But the manufacturer promises velvety skin and, you know, they provide it indeed! The skin gets so tender, so soft, that you want to touch it, again and again. Even after applying tonic with alcohol after bath the skin stays really gentle. This cream should be applied to face, neck and chest. I know nothing about other product line of Shoynear, but concerning the quality of this item I am sure and I would recommend it.

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