25 Ways to Look Gorgeous Even If You Had Little Sleep

Nobody is perfect. But the female nature is treacherous, and we always want everything to be perfect. There should not be a single detail that may spoil our day. If you know this feeling, these tips for beauty will come in handy.


Every hairpin will keep better to its place if you sprinkle it with hairspray before making a hairstyle.

If the clothes cleaning roller is not at hand, you can use a brush for the eyebrows and remove the fibers and hairs you are annoyed at.








Yellowish nails after a manicure can be polished with toothpaste perfectly well. The toothpaste is able to remove nail polish residues and whiten even severely affected nails.



Honey masks nourish and moisturize the skin deeply enough. Just 10 minutes will be enough for such a mask to start working and make your skin smooth.


A transparent nail polish can immediately stop a run in the nylon tights.

Colorless nail polishes will also help to cope with spots of rust on the surface of the bath. Apply them on the bottom of shampoo bottles and other cosmetics, and the annoying marks will no longer appear!


Small earrings and brooches are very easy to store threaded in buttons. Nothing will get lost!


When there is no time to dye your hair, you can use a tricky life hacking tip. This is an exceptional measure, but it may come in handy! Choose shadows with sequins to match your hair. Apply hairspray to the hair roots and the area around them, and then use shadows immediately. This will help temporarily conceal the ugly and regrown gray hair.

There is a wonderful life hacking idea for blondes. If you dye your hair using a light palette, be prepared for the fact that it can suddenly change the hue and become somewhat green. This often happens after attending a pool with chlorinated water. Ketchup will make your hair light and white again – keep it on the hair for about 15 minutes, like a normal mask, and then wash it away.


Toilet paper could replace cosmetic wipes, if they are not at hand. It removes shine from the skin perfectly well!

Absorbent paper removes static electricity not only from clothing, but also from the hair.

After cleansing the skin with an ordinary product, it is necessary to use a toner – it removes the remnants of fat and cosmetics from the face and tightens the pores. We suggest making a toner from natural products. Mix 1 teaspoon of sea ​​salt and half a cup of water. Pour this miraculous mixture in a spray bottle and apply it after washing. After using the toner, wipe the face with a cotton pad or a wipe.

You can dry your nails in a matter of seconds using an oil spray for cooking. It’s a valuable thing when you need to hurry!

A hair straightener will help remove even the most complicated folds on clothing. Especially in the area between the buttons! Just be careful with the temperature!

A young woman straightening her hair

If you have no oil for hair, stubborn hair can be tamed if you use a regular hand cream. Smear your palm with cream lightly and then slide your hand through the hair. This technique works best with wet hair and helps to make sophisticated styling.

Mouthwash is a salvation from a sudden callus. Rub it with a mouthwash, and irritation will pass quickly and without a huge blister.

Grease the cracks on your heels with butter before bedtime, but do not forget to wear socks. A month later, your heels will become silky!

Rub petroleum jelly in the feet area, which is injured by uncomfortable shoes. Calluses will not appear there anymore!


If gray hair just begins to appear, massage your head with oil regularly. This will help reduce the appearance of gray hairs by as much as 50%!


When the shaving cream ends, do not rush to buy the new one. Hair conditioner will help make shaving more comfortable! Thanks to its consistency, the hairs are carefully removed, and the skin becomes very soft.

When the laces get tied in a tight knot or your favorite chain is hopelessly tangled, use corn starch. Rub the knot with it, and it will be much easier to untie the knot!

Put warm tea bags on your eyes – it will remove swelling of eyelids and redness.


Light shadows around the eye corners are a real miracle! The look becomes open and even a haggard face will be transformed. This tip will help you remain beautiful in the midst of a busy week!

And below are a few more tricks to look beautiful:

A product for blackheads

2 tablespoons of corn flour and 2 teaspoons of vinegar are a magic remedy for blackheads on your face. Apply it on the skin for 10 minutes, then massage and wash away.

The best scrub ever

Oatmeal is a great scrub for face and body. It can successfully replace expensive cosmetics for skin rejuvenation! Oatmeal reduces the irritation of the skin, helps to soothe the sunburned skin areas and carefully takes care of every pore in your body.


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