Just One Injection Removes Double Chin

Forget about all those lasting and often fruitless exercises for the face, as well as the expensive surgery to remove the double chin effect. Scientists have come up with an injection that will rid us of this problem during a lunch break.


California-based Kythera pharmaceutical company announced that its experimental ATX- 101 injection, designed for the elimination of double chin, had successfully passed clinical trials on more than 1,000 patients. According to the company website, the injection contains purified synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, the component that is produced by the body to promote dietary fat disintegration.

Having got rid of their double chin, the volunteers from the United States and Canada reported that they felt more confident about their appearance. However, these injections were often accompanied by side effects, the most common of which included swelling, pain, bruising, tingling, and redness. Dr. Jean Carruthers from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, one of the authors of the new method, called the results of the clinical tests revolutionary.

Dr. Carruthers says that the area under the chin is very important for patients, as it affects the overall facial harmony, balance and attractiveness. Nevertheless, double chins are often underestimated by plastic surgeons. Moreover, plastic surgeons still do not have any good non-surgical alternative to solve this problem. ATX- 101 can be an alternative solution. The scientists think about using the injection in other parts of the body.

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