How to Prevent Ingrown Hair after Shaving


Ingrown hair is a problem, which is equally familiar to men and women. It is commonly unpleasant, painful, especially in sensitive areas such as bikini. Would you like to learn how to avoid ingrown hair?

Causes of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair forms when a hair is pulled too much during shaving and after contraction grows into the skin; sharp end of the shaved hair also contribute to formation of ingrown hair. The second reason is overly large number of dead cells surrounding the hair and causing it to grow at an angle. By the way, people with curly hair also experience this problem more frequently.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair after Shaving

Preventing Ingrown Hair

  • Hair is commonly twisted and stretched during shaving, so this method of removal of unwanted hair should be replaced with, for example, waxing.
  • Yet, if you still prefer shaving, make sure you exfoliate your skin before shaving. It will prevent follicles from clogging and the hair will grow strictly perpendicularly to the skin.
  • Choose exfoliation scrubs, that contain Beta Hydro Acids (Salicylic acid), since those act deep on the pores and prevent accumulation of dead cells around the follicle
  • Exfoliate skin with a shower sponge as an alternative to scrubs.
  • If possible, wear clothes that do not get much in contact with the areas where ingrown hair commonly forms, especially the bikini area. This way you will reduce the irritation and accumulation of dead skin cells in those areas.

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