How Much Time Do Women Spend Looking in the Mirror?

It turns out women spend a whopping five days a year looking in the mirror! Moreover, British women use lipstick each day that will be enough to draw a line from London to New York, along with 880 gallons of foundation a year, 16 million sweeps of a mascara wand for dyeing eyelashes.

How Much Time Do Women Spend Looking in the Mirror?

And here is a couple of interesting observations provided by a new study. Almost 40% of women say they wouldn’t leave the house without makeup, while 19% claimed they would spend less on food rather than cut down on their spending on cosmetics.

British women believe that crisis cannot affect their desire to buy cosmetics. At least 53 percent of respondents said that the recession had not stop them buying from the cosmetic department and financiers confirm this. Women can spend an average of $1,034.47 per year on beauty products, totaling over $68,055.37 in a lifetime.

Beauty for modern women is the most important area of interest, and they wouldn’t agree to reduce their spending on it.

Source of the image: Photl

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