How to Look Younger without Makeup?

Experts have reached the conclusion that the women, who can give their face some “rest” from makeup on certain days, can achieve the noticeable effect of rejuvenation. According to dermatologists, following this principle for a month, women make sure that it really works.


The Daily Mail writes that experts recommend abandoning makeup on the face according to the principle which is used in the famous Diet 5:2. This diet was the most popular one in the UK in 2014. It provides such a regime, when you can eat what you like for five days a week, but then you should unload the stomach for two days.

The same analogy is effective when you stick to the rule of wearing no makeup. For two days a week, the face should be given the opportunity to “breathe” without makeup, experts say.

The edition shares the opinion that if the facial skin remains completely free of makeup twice a week, a month later it will look much more youthful and healthy.

One of the quoted dermatologists, Dr. Esho, explained that parabens contained in cosmetics tend to accumulate in the skin pores. During the day, the process is so intense that the chemicals reach the deepest layers of the skin, damaging collagen and elastin, – proteins that support the skin elasticity and firmness.

The consequence of this failure is the visible symptom of sagging skin and wrinkles. It is exacerbated by the fact that women use makeup remover and makeup, whose components contribute to dryness and inflammation.

For this reason, Dr. Esho urges to “teach” the face to stay without makeup from time to time. Two days of dieting contribute to skin restoration due to the growth of new cells.