How to Get Ready for a Nose Job

Many of us are sure there is no limit to perfection. If nature lets a woman down, she tends to correct her defect in any possible way, including surgery. Nose correction surgeries, or rhinoplasty in the language of science, occupy not the least place in this “restoration” of alleged flaws. Let us say you are 100% sure that it is impossible to continue to live with the nose, given by nature. What are the following steps on the way to the ideal nose?


Step 1: Choose a clinic and a surgeon

Please, spare neither time nor effort in this process because it determines the final result. Ask for the clinic’s statutory documents and its license, read the reviews on the internet about the work of the staff and the results of the procedures, scan the portfolio of your doctor.

Step 2: Consult the surgeon

Medical examination is required to inspect the location of the future surgery – your nose; lab tests will help determine the general condition of the body before the surgery is conducted, so the possible complications that may arise in the process can be minimized. Perhaps you may need additional cosmetic procedures or treatment to prevent future problems. To recover from acute respiratory infections, to make facial cleansing in case of problem skin, etc.

Step 3: Preparation for surgery

Pay particular attention to the recommendations below. Successful outcome of the surgery depends on how responsibly you will undergo the preoperative preparation.

A couple of weeks before surgery, you should:

  • stop taking medicines that reduce blood clotting and prevent the formation of blood clots. They can complicate rhinoplasty with severe bleeding. In particular, the effect of aspirin is similar;
  • stop smoking and taking alcohol. Toxins impair the healing process;
  • forget about solariums and tanning in the sun because it is fraught with the development of extreme swelling during surgery.

A week before rhinoplasty:

  • it is time to go to the pharmacy with a list of medications that your future doctor has recommended;
  • start taking a multivitamin that will strengthen the entire body and the vascular wall in particular;
  • try to minimize face makeup or even abandon using it;
  • “bespectacled” people are recommended to replace the glasses in the massive frame with lighter ones or lenses;
  • take care about creating a favorable psychological climate: no home and work problems should distract you from the preparation for surgery and rehabilitation period.

Immediately before the procedure you should:

  • avoid eating and drinking 8 hours before surgery, otherwise your waking up from anesthesia will be fraught with severe vomiting;
  • refuse any application of cosmetics and perfumes;
  • make sure you have all the necessary medicines at hand;
  • leave at home all the jewelry, watches, lenses, piercing earrings, artificial eyelashes.

When preparing for the nose correction surgery, do not forget to document the rights and obligations of the parties, read carefully your guarantee in case of unsatisfactory results of rhinoplasty. Thus, you protect yourself from the possible trouble, which can occur rarely. When all the nuances are taken into account, once again think of the decision. If you are sure that the acquisition of the new nose will make you happier, keep moving forward!

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