Five Strategic Skin Care Tips

Beauty and fashion go hand in hand. Part of your style is affected by your skin’s appearance. How you groom yourself, how your skin and teeth look and your body shape all affects your fashion sense and appearance. Keeping your skin healthy is important for your self-image. Read on for tips to keep your skin in top shape.


  1. In order to protect the health of your skin, as well as your youthful appearance, never fail to use sunscreen with a high SPF when you will be outdoors. UVA and UVB rays can damage the skin, cause wrinkles and dark sun spots. In order to prevent aging, reapply sunscreen every four hours or so when you are out during the hours the sun is at its brightest: from eleven to four each day. A good quality sunscreen can be recommended by your dermatologist or aesthetician. Protecting your skin by consistently using sunscreen can prevent your skin from being damaged by the sun’s harsh rays.
  2. Make sure that your water and food intake is sufficient. For optimal skin health you should boost your water intake for soft, supple skin. Eight cups of water a day are necessary to hydrate the body from the inside out and to keep the skin moist. In addition to water intake, make sure that you are eating a balanced diet, including lots of vegetables and fruits to get the variety of nutrients and vitamins your skin needs to maintain its healthy glow.
  3. Make sure you are following an excellent skin care regimen. Wash your skin before bed each night with a soft cotton washcloth, warm water and a mild cleanser made for facial skin. Use a cotton pad or cotton ball to evenly apply a toner to the t-zone: the area across the cheeks and nose that is likely to become oily by the end of the day. An astringent or toner helps remove dead skin cells, clean out the pores, remove sebum (skin oils) and dirt that soap doesn’t completely remove. You should also invest in a high quality moisturizer to use at night. Using an under eye moisturizing gel can help prevent wrinkles. Your Laser Skin, located here in LA, specializes in a line of skin care products that reduces wrinkles, improves smoothness and moisture and promotes healthy skin.
  4. Get eight hours of sleep a night for a balanced mind and body. In order for your skin to rejuvenate and renew itself on a cellular level, you need to make sure you are getting adequate rest.
  5. Limit your personal stress as much as possible, as the ravages of stress will affect your mind-body balance and can contribute to the effects of premature aging. In order to preserve the health and beauty of your skin, you can practice yoga and progressive relaxation to help you effectively cope with and reduce your stress level. When the mind is in balance and the body is nourished, the skin will be glowing with natural health and beauty.

Regular skin care can give you a youthful and healthy appearance, enhancing your personal style.

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