Facial Creams Lead to Excess Weight

Scientists claim that chemical phthalates, used in the production of beauty products, cause obesity.


Every year the world produces about 1 billion tons of phthalates. Scientists have discovered that these chemicals provoke weight gain and increase the risk of diabetes twice.

The staff of the University of Uppsala (Sweden) revealed that the most dangerous are the skin products – all sorts of creams and cosmetics. Detergents and perfumes, which contain phthalates, also harm the body, but the most dangerous are the ones that receive frequent and prolonged contact with the skin. They have a negative effect on the hormonal balance, promote fat storage, and increase insulin resistance.

The study involved thousands of people, 119 of whom were suffering from diabetes and 88 had had it before. Scientists have taken into account factors such as cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and concluded that the level of phthalates in the blood has a direct effect on the development of insulin resistance and weight gain.

Besides, phthalates affect men’s levels of testosterone and cause hormonal imbalance, by analogy with puberty or menopause.

To date, phthalates are used in 70% of personal care products as a thickener.

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