Do’s and Don’ts for Naturally Beautiful Skin

There are tons of beauty tops on Youtube and multiple beauty sites, thousands of beauty products you could use. Lots of beauty bloggers share their tricks on how to look your most beautiful. And it’s great if you can achieve it naturally! But the most important (and also affordable) tips out there are the following 6.


Put on sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important for protecting your skin. Even if it isn’t sunny, put some on, because the harmful rays can still affect you even through a layer of clouds. Sunscreen can prevent lots of UV damage to your skin and can prevent the weathering which can cause lines and wrinkles to appear before their time. Try either sunscreen on its own or a moisturizer which has specific sunscreen in it. Make sure that you apply it every day, and more than once if it is hot, or if you are outside for extended periods of time.


Exercise is good for you! Make sure you get enough exercise and your skin will look better than ever! Exercise makes your heart pump new blood, taking away bad toxins and deoxygenated cells from your skin, and keeping it looking better than ever. Exercise is something that can help you feel better overall, which, again, will be reflected in your skin. The more you do it, the better you will feel, and the better your skin will look.

Drink water

Drink lots of still water, and wash your face regularly. Keeping yourself hydrated is good for your entire body, but it is particularly good for your skin, as that is where it shows. Water helps your blood circulate properly, and the molecules which make up water are what make it particularly valuable.

Use chemical peels

These peels are almost exactly what it says on the tin – they force a chemical reaction on your skin and make it so that the top of it blisters and then peels off. This reveals new and unblemished skin underneath, which won’t have the wear and tear on it that your previous skin will have had. If you’re still not sure if you should opt for a chemical peel because of all the temporary side effects it might have, check out some chemical peel before and after pics to make the decision. The skin does look younger after the peel.


Forget to relax

Relaxation is very important, and it is what makes a huge difference to our overall look. Many people show their stress on their skin, in a variety of ways. Stress can cause break-outs, flushing, or even simply dull skin which doesn’t look at its best. We need to take some downtime for ourselves, and we need to make sure that this includes time for pampering ourselves. Relaxation should not be underestimated for the good it does, and for the time people can and should spend on it.

Skimp on sleep

Sleep is when our bodies repair themselves, and so it is for this reason that you should always make sure to get enough sleep. Sleep repairs your skin and makes sure that it manages to bounce back from the daily grind that our world is currently putting it through in the form of air pollution, direct sunlight, harsh chemicals, exposure to canned air, and so on. Sleep is what helps our skin to feel better, to feel as though these pollutants have not been able to have an effect. With no sleep, the irritants which reach our skin have more opportunity to do some damage.

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