Chinese Fire Massage for Face Skin Rejuvenation

The Chinese have come up with a new method of getting rid of wrinkles with the so-called “fire massage for face.”

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What Is Chinese Fire Facial Treatment?

During the procedure, beauticians apply a towel soaked in “special elixir” containing alcohol onto the patient’s skin. This towel is then set on fire.

The Effects of the Fire Massage

This method prevents the skin from sagging and slows down the formation of wrinkles, stimulating the skin with warmth. In addition, it effectively treats a variety of diseases, including the common cold. Fire massage, or flame massage helps to fight against obesity.


How Does Fire Massage Work?

The developers of the method claim that this treatment is not dangerous for people because it is carried out by a well-trained therapist, and the use of a special “elixir” warms up the skin so that it is not going to get a burn. Miraculous effect of the massage is explained by adrenaline reaction caused by a high fever. It changes the chemical state of the body, cures indigestion, and accelerates metabolism.

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