Cellulite Will Be Frozen Away


Cryotherapy spas are extremely popular nowadays. But science is forging ahead. New innovative device is going to be approved for market in the USA soon and promises to beat the pants off cryotherapy.


Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive (without contact) procedure in which doctors place a small suction cup like device on a patient’s skin. The device gradually extracts body heat until the subcutaneous fat is frozen. During the procedure, the epidermis remains within a normal temperature range, which leaves the skin undamaged.

Fat cells, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School, are very sensitive to cold. They discovered that intense, localized freezing killed adipocytes – the cells involved in forming fat tissue. Therefore, cold destroys fat by damaging the cells: they gradually die and are then naturally metabolized by lymphatic system.

It’s funny how we’ve been fighting cellulite by heating and intense massaging for years, but now it appears that freezing is more effective than the opposite. Experts say the innovative technology is a complete reversal of everything what’s been used to fight cellulites for the past 20 years. Basically, all existing procedures heat subcutaneous fat while cooling the outer layer of skin.

Although it’s difficult to compare until new device gets approval, Cryolipolysis promises to be more effective than other current non-invasive procedures, including treatments employing radio frequencies and acoustic waves. And it goes without saying that Cryolipolysis will be way safer than liposuction.

Clinical trials have shown no side effects in the 200 people tested so far. The procedure is painless and results are impressive. After the first session, fat deposits are reduced by 25 percent. One procedure is likely to be enough for most patients, but manufacturers do not rule out the need for additional sessions, depending on the amount of fat a patient wants to lose.

Zeltiq, the patent-holding manufacturer of wonder device, has developed suction cups only to work with waist fat and saddlebags. The company, however, plans on developing devices for stomach and thighs.

The only drawback of Cryolipolysis is that you can’t see the results immediately. It will take a few months for the entire process to be completed, including metabolizing dead fat cells. The procedure itself will last about an hour. All a patient will have to do is to get a good magazine to read.

Source of the images: flickr.com/photos/ppdigital, flickr.com/photos/eberendsen.