Body Contouring Wonders: Women Have Become Insane!

Most girls understand the quote “perfection knows no limits” too literally. They make it the motto of their whole life. Someone does not like their natural shape of the lips or cheeks, some beauties “lack” hair volume or breast size, while other girls need more expressive collarbones. Sometimes they want to change everything altogether. However, all these imaginary problems can be solved by cosmetic means rather than with the help of a surgeon or an expensive psychoanalyst. Why do you need plastic surgery, when there is contouring?

Despite the fact that many beauty editors call for leaving contouring in 2016, women are not going to part with their beloved bronzers, highlighters and sculpture pallets. After all, ladies can learn the real power of makeup thanks to makeup artists, YouTube and a whole company of celebrities.

By means of the light and shadow play, a good brush and sometimes, you can not only correct your facial features but even visually augment your breasts, lengthen your legs or get the perfect abdominal muscles. See for yourself.

A date, a photo shoot (for Instagram) or just the season of sleeveless shirts are some of the reasons for thousands of girls to enhance their breasts. For this purpose, makeup artists and beauty bloggers kindly provide them with step-by-step instructions. Here you also have some complexity levels, ranging from simply “drawing” darker semicircle shadows to a more detailed combination of a bronzer and a highlighter.

The season of tights is closed, but short skirts still cause embarrassment. Bloggers use a highlighter to draw a line along the center of the leg (from the foot to the hip level) to make the legs visually thinner. In severe cases, they arrange a drawing lesson. But there is hardly any chance to avoid being helped in this case.

Are you dreaming of the Brazilian butt? You know what to do. The question is, what for?

You can also draw some abdominal muscles, make the thighs thinner and generally represent someone else’s body. This is what some girls really do. In this ironic video, blogger Chloe Morello showed how absurd, expensive and time-consuming it is.

The Koreans use the principle of contouring in a softer and milder way. Local cosmetic companies offer girls to buy special contour pencils that will help add the missing volume of hair or make the line of its growth a little lower and thicker, hiding the high forehead. Quite a useful trick, by the way.

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